Mildred and Mavis Ride Again
Heavens it has been wam here today.  Quite unseasonably so.  Mildred has eased her stays and I move from ribbed tights to 40 denier tights.  But the tweed skirt remains until the first of May!  

However, I have noticed that we are very fuddy duddy compared to many of the young gals that were out and about today.  I dropped into Salisbury Cathedral around lunchtime and found the grounds littered with young girls and boys from the two grammar schools.  There is a revolting fashion these days for young men to wander about with their shirts untucked and their ties worn with the know positoned about where their third shirt button is.  I feel that it is beyond scruffy.  However, the girls!  Well my dears you have never seen anything quite like it.  I recall that in summer we were allowed to wear an aertex shirt and cotton school skirt.  That maintained a certain sartorial decorum and just enough flesh to cause the passing young man to look and wonder.  Today there is no need to wonder!  The girls wore a universal uniform of cotton vests with enough cleavage on display to rival a classical Roman statue.  Short, sheer print skirts are worn over, usually, black leggings.  These girls seem pettier than we were, but I do wonder what sort of statement this fashion makes.  "Come and get me" is how we might have described it in the late 50s.  Mildred says that I am jealous.  Perhaps I am.  But I still feel vaguely shocked!

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