Mildred and Mavis Ride Again

Linda's Poems

My friend Linda is a jolly funny poet and I am so pleased that she has allowed me to post a liuttle of her work here.  She has been poorly recently but is getting better now.  I hope that you like her work as much as I do.  Mildred says that she is already a Hells Granny!  She does have leather jacket although I think that she purchased it at Littlewoods thirty years ago.

When I Am Old
(A response to "Warning" by Jenny Joseph)

When I am old
I shall be
among the ranks
of Hells Grannies

Upon our scooters we'll sit
all charged up and ready
to go at a pace
a long way from steady

None will be safe 
from the Grannies in leather
on the roads in the rush hour
whatever the weather

Doing wheelies and racing
along the white lines
ignoring the policemen
and ripping up fines

I've been good all my life
so, in my old age
I'm going to turn bad.

By Linda Lucas (Aged 56)

If you enjoyed this poem then you might like to buy Linda's book.  You can get it as a download or as a proper paperback.  Click or copy the link below.