Mildred and Mavis Ride Again

We're Back

Mildred said that we ought not do it.  I asked why and she said that elderly ladies had no business becoming involved in new fangled technology.  She said that commuters could make you blind!  I think that she meant "computers" but one can never be entirely certain with Mildred.  So here we are.  On our very own web page.  Actually Mr Weebly kindly let us have one of his.  I say "Mister" Weebly as if I had actually met him.  I have not, but he does sound very pleasant on his video film  - an American gentleman I think.  Mother always told me to be wary of American gentlemen.  Apparently she had met one during the war - the 1939 - 1945 war that is.  Not one of these ghastly modern ones.  I really do not know what the World is coming to with Prime Ministers and Presidents pushing buttons and shooting off missiles and other altogether nasty weapons.  I do wonder what their mothers would think.  Mildred says that they must have been starved of love as children.  I do not think that at all.  I think that they have become very spoiled and really need to understand how horrid having bombs dropped on you is.  Anyway, where was I?  Oh yes, American gentlemen.  

Mother's gentleman was called Hank or Chuck - all American men have names like that apparently.  Probably it was an attempt to throw off the last vestiges of British colonial influence.  Having said all that I think that the original Mayflower settlers included such stirring names as Peregrine, Love and Truelove.  They subscribed to rather plain values and were really quite fortunate not to have been saddled with such names as "Zeal for the Lord, Barebones or Theosophilus.  Mother's gentleman was an airman; I like to imagine a George Raft type paramour but knowing Mother he was probably more like Lou Abbott!  Oh, I have just discovered that I can put photographs on this page.  Let me see.  There we are:

Mother's Gentleman

Now this is Mr Raft.  I do not know what I find appealing about him, but there is just something yummy.  Don't you agree.  Mother's American used to bring her "candy".  Sweet things that only the American troops could have because our boys and girls were strictly rationed.  She said that she felt very glamorous walking on his arm to the local hop - or dance as we called them when I was a girl.  She said that other girls got quite jealous and would ignore her if they saw her in the street.  "No better than she should be" their mothers said about her.  I do not know what that means.  But it's a jolly beastly thing to say about someone.  Unfortunately Mother's gentleman went "overseas" and was never seen by her again.  So she settled down with my Dad instead and concentrated on more down to earth pursuits.  To prove it, here I am!!

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