Mildred and Mavis Ride Again
After Saturday's wedding reception we were privileged to be invited to a concert last night of the London Philarmonic Orchestra who played Elgar's "Dream of Gerontius".  The story is about Gerontius who is close to death and his prayers as he moves to Heaven.  These are answered by angels and demons.  The music was sublime and it was so wonderful to hear a balanced choir.  "Dream" is not my favourite Elgar piece, I am much more catholic in my tastes and like so many others love the "Enigma Variations". But I am most certainly not complaining.   Mildred is not a fan at all and there were moments where I was certain that she had nodded off.  She denies snoring but I heard her!!

"What did you wear?" I hear you cry.  Firstly, despite the warmth of the day I ensured that my undergarments let in no light!  Then I wore my long black cashmere skirt that Parshal gave me for Christmas and a short stripy cardigan that came from M&S.  A pair of black court shoes finished off my ensemble; a streak of lippy and I was ready and presentable.  Mildred wore her old faithfull of her Tweed trouser suit and her tan boots.  I think that we looked quite acceptable and apropriate for the occasion.

Someone introducued the Orchestra and we were off.  The Oveture is a sweet melody that hits the highs and the lows in equal measure.  But it was the singing that took my breath away.  The Tenor - Paul Groves - looked like a rugby player and sang like an angel.  He was perfectly matched by the Angel - Chrsitine Rice.  Her dress was pure white and shimmered in the light.  She truly did look angelic herself.  But the conductor!  My dears, this young boy was simply scrumptious. Here he is.  Couldn't you just eat him up?!!!  I sat right behind him and allowed myself a little moment or two!  Such a silly old woman.  The whole concert ran for about 90 minutes and walking out into the cool night air I couldn't help but think how very fortunate we are to live close to a place where such things are performed.  Walking into town Mildred stopped to look into a shoe shop window.  Lemon coloured pumps!  Look here if you would like a peek:
If only I had £65 to spare for them...

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