Mildred and Mavis Ride Again
At the recycle centre today Mildred got chatting to a lady who was lamenting the fact that she had lost her husband two years ago.  When I say lost I don't mean that he had taken a wrong turn going into town and has been trying to find his way out again.  I mean lost as in deceased.  The lady was beautifully coiffeured and wore rather too much make-up for a brief sortie to smash some bottles.  She said that she had discovered that if she came down looking like she was off to have lunch with a friend, some poor male would delay his own recycling effort to take on hers as well.  The fact that Mildred was clearly lacking in the masculine department was a disappointment to her.  Midlred says that she told her what waste items went where and then got on with dealing with ours.  As the woman headed back to her car Mildred also pointed out that she appeared to have a slow puncture.  The poor soul looked even more helpless. Mildred waved as she drove off.  Smiling smugly no doubt as well!
Today Mildred is off to recycle bottles and tin cans.  We are not great drinkers of alcolhol and I am amzed at just how many bottles we have acquired.  Mildred says that it is all Parshal - brother of Lady Dent-Uhre and the man in my life.  When Mildred permits it.  He does care for a drink now and again, and again....  But really!  I am quite embarrassed.  Mildred said to take a photograph but I am far too red in the face for that!