Mildred and Mavis Ride Again
To the Tip 04/08/2011
We have been busy in the garden today.  The sun has shone all day and there's not been a cloud in the sky.  One of those days when it's wonderful to be alive.  However, I now feel absolutely all in!  Mildred has been mithering (worrying) about an ornamental cherry tree that overhangs our neighbour's garden.  I said that we should get a man in, but Mildred went out and purchased a chainsaw!  Can you imagine it?  At least it was an electric one and not one of those very noisy petrol ones.  Needless to say Mildred wanted to be the one to use it first.  That suited me as I hate the things.  I had vision of arms and legs liberally scattered around the garden and was keen that they shouldn't be mine.  Parshal sent us some ear muffs and some goggles and Mildred, the intrepid little lumberjill did the first sensible thing that she has done in ages,  She went onto Youtube and studied how to use a chainsaw safely.

3 hours later and the garden was strewn with miscellaneous pieces of tree.  We roped branches to ensure that they fell onto our side of the fence;  we must have looked very daft, but in all honesty it was a job well done.  Of course then we had to get rid of all that wood.  I loaded two larg bags of prunings into the car and set off. Mildred riding shotgun.  At the tip we had to wait in a queue as the people in front of us dumped their waste. I someimes wonder if in some familys they view going to the dump as a day out.  I know that we have to recycle everything these days but some folk take forever.  Mildred wandered across to the dump office and got nattering with a large man, in need of a shave, wearing an orange fluorescent jacket labelled "Environmental Services".  That's what they call rubbish disposal in these parts.  She must have worked some charm on him because he came over, opened the rear doors and took our clippings for us!  I looked at her in amazement - "Gave him my last Rolo" she said.  Knowing Mildred she gave him MY last Rolo.  But whatever she did, we are now minus one tree and all its debris.  I'm off for a bath now.  My back is killing me.


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